Monday, April 11, 2011


makkkk uii,banyaknye habuk...
astagfirullah~ hehe..
tadi siang ada ujian SPEAKING.
alhamdullilah..skill debate tak hilang adik2 junior di Bainun,tlong bangga ye dgn super senior kalian yang PRETEND hebad time ujian SPEAKING td..haha.. (adoikh,cuak jugak)
nasib dapat tajuk senang.
*kalau SPEAKING test tadi teruk,confirm cikgu english/coach debate time skolah I mesti 'bunuh diri'..haha (jokes)

dah2,back to topic.
tengok pic awal pun dah kontroversi,kan? hehe..
cerita P/S: I LOVE YOU..sangat best.
mengisahkan tntg seorang wife yang tak begitu menghargai suaminya..then suami dia meninggal..barulah terasa lonely.suami yang romantic n cuba menjadi yang terbaik untuk isterinya.tpisteri tak mnyedari n hargai.bila si suami pergi buat selamanya,si isteri terbayang2 akan kehadiran suaminya yg begitu cuba mnjaga dan isteri mula rasa mnyesal tak sudah kerana tidak menghargai suaminya sebelum ini.sebelum suaminya meniggal,si suami kerap menulis nota2 untuk tatapan si isteri.setiap nota yg suaminya tinggalkan mesti ada 'P/S : I LOVE YOU' sweet... *tissue please!! u should watch that movie.. dem,so sad! i'm crying tresak2 dgn mmber dlm bilik time tgok cerita tu...but..ending dia sgt merepek..tlong tutup mata... =p
*if me? noooooooo...rasa cm x mo hidup lagik~

lately banyak kes orang yang tak menghargai.makin banyak pulak tu spesis ni wujud..
deemit~ (bengang pnye psl)
let me give some of example..

situation 1;
a father or mother spent lots money to pay fees for their child in university.but how many of the kids appricaite this??
working 8,9 hours everydays plus extra work being done to make sure their kids can persue their dream..
tell me now,how many of them appriciate this?

-you know what,appriciate this noble effort..before its too late.if one day,they least u already do something that pleased what they feel.on that time,BULL shit la nak kejar parents kt kubur,mohon maaaf! pergi,dah terlambat....

situation 2;
a girl or boy friend (love couple),if your partner looking for serious r/ship.You know she/he are good enough to u.n u will be so stupid if u dumb her/him,please appriciate the moment.before its too late...
maybe one day,she/he get sick with ur att,then she/he walk away.or if one day,ur partner died in accident... that time,u will be soooooo LOOSER after loose ur best partner.cry for ur entire life lah! regret habis!

situation 3;
ability to walk,talk,eat and others..
appriciate this gift from Allah swt /God.we might think this ability belong to us forever..but remember,when it turns He want t take it back from there any others cahnces to get it back? naaaa~ u cant get it back,as u are too proud with what u have now...please pour some humble feeling in ur heart,whatever it is,whatvere things belongs to u,sooner He will take it back from, bear in mind about this folks~

situation 4:
appriciate ur time,time is t00 wasting ur time..oe day u will regret,n trust me..u will deadly n cry about time one day.u waste ur time to do ur work,then until the day to submit,u not submit the document..then u get fired or ur lect deduct ur marks for that particular semester.serves ur right.
purpose ur love/girl.before she left u,n find someone that really want to marry her.
love ur parents,before He take them from us.on that time,u will feel so lost,lonely,sorrow ...

situation 5;
appriacite if pple give u something,that we called 'hadiah'....
u knw what,to give ur special stuff to others kind hard thing to do.imaging u have Ipad,DSLr camera,MP4 gadget n others cool stuff,n if someone ask for that thing.would u give them freely without any comment came out from ur mouth?
as to show ur appriciation of that things, *if they give u lah* wear it,n use it...
in Islam,they encourage us to give the most best stuff in our life.shows that we will to sacrify our things in order to make the relationship closer.thaths show,its hard to do the sacrifying,but at the end the result must be great.we love each other,n sharing...caring..huhu.. ckp/type in english..i sound silly when i speak english..
fine,need rest.
as the conclusion mr.speakercer,this motion really makes me think that relationship between human n nature should start from appriciating each others..this will makes the world full of love.with that i rest my case..
any POI> p blah..aku tak nak jawab! *point of infomation..

sharing,caring and loving..before its too late peepzz.
deeply in my heart,i'm sacred of loosing my lovely parents,sibs,friend, buah hati..* i dont have buah ht..sje je mrepek ckp cm2..sje nk bg jeles kt org lain.. =p *xde koje..

lagu ni as example.

this entry no need signature.dah..nk ngis...benci2~

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