Monday, September 6, 2010

part time job?'s true?

salam..n hye everyone..

nowdays,we always heard about student doing their part time job>looking for EXTRA pocket money!'s normal in every campus in this world...heheee
but,reality about this problem faced by the family *belong to the kid* makes the student attempt to find extra pocket money..

being ; a waitress,cashier,operator,shop assistant and many more! =)
for me>it's least we know,how valulable the money given by our parents..where should we spent it, where should we kept it from 'stealer'....huahua...
now,money is everything *perhaps...that's the reality...we can't denied it...
anything that we do must start from MONEY...* i just to recalled song entitled :money2...hehe..60's flash back...* funny!

kids nowdays LOVE,LOVE to waste their money just like that! omg....they dont know,how much suffer to find each cent of it...if they know,they will NEVER EVER to 'throw' it easily...sigh~

back to basic> used money wisely and when it turn tu necessary stuff/need...
just let it go your 'shoperholic' desire....throw it to rubbish dum...chill,no worries..
it's takes time,,but believe me....its going to work!

Islam also,ask all muslim to used money excess of money usage..*it's right i describe about it?

in conclusion,money is everything for us..butttttttttt......CONTROL  yourself from all the unnecessary stuff..

personally,i'm doing my part time job as operator for taxi service and also book transilation...
its fun! but,dont cross border your main goal>study and accomplish your studies first...huhu
thts it...
Barakallahuminkum everyone..

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