Monday, September 6, 2010

aliah helmi? who are u??

salam..hye everyone...
act,i just got few idea to share with each one of u..
then,start to think something...hehe..*sometimes feel weird to say..ahahaa..*ignore pls... =)
where should i start?
hye guys/girls..
i;m alia..from Ipoh (wah,ipoh mali)
currently in SA (sorry,bukan south africa okey!) but shah alam..
doing my MBBS..insya-Allah..hard to achieve,but i like it!!!! =)
1st year i'm in this field..Insya-Allah further in India...IMS,Bangelore India...amin..*pray hard,study smart!
wish to be 1st young muslimah doctor who will be in Palestine volunteer there!
replace Dr.Jemilah..yeah~ got cha!
nothing to say anymore...
pray 4 me..i love all people around me...esp Kalthom Yahya n Helmi sibs..hmm
btw,i pray for your happinest...wish u have a good day..
Barakallahuminkum everyone!

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