Saturday, May 11, 2013

nak ada duit pun pening?

Assalammualaikum wtbh & hello,

tonight, *ambang-ambang mother's day*

tetibe teringat dengan my personal editor tengah meroyan menyiapkan my novel part yg perlu edit.
koz, i have problem dgn bahasa bombastik yg lansung i x reti.

then, my friend ask me.
if you get the money -refers to royalty-
how u going to spent it?

i got my own answer...
here the option;
1. get married
2. beli kereta, MAZDA or peugeot 208?
3. sebulan melancong ke Turki

ok fine, you may choose either one of the selection.

3-3 tempting kot.

baru-baru ni ada interview budak UNISEL yg juga writer novel.
he said, after one year selling novel, dia bole dapat 60k.

ok fine.
say what?
okeyyyyyyyyyyyyy fineeeeeeeeeee..

satu je i mintak, dont ask me to be your girlfriend or your wife after you read this entry.



we lost the signal


love me not!

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