Saturday, March 9, 2013

Simple tips to learn English

Assalammualaikan and hello everyone,
Special thanks to all The Voice editor board members to allow me to write something in this cute column.
This article I dedicate to those who trying so hard to speak English well and feel so shy to use English language in front of others.
Friend of mine always ask me “how can you be so fluent in speaking English?”.  Frankly speaking, it is not a easy way to fully fluent in your routine conversation.
Yet, I found few tips that I want share with all of you.  This method I have used this method since I was 13 years old.
1.       Listen to all English song that you found are so catchy to sing along.  Any song that you like.
2.       Next, you can google up the lyric to enhance your pronoutation
3.       After you already try to speak, then jot down all the meaning in the lyric for your better understanding. Focus also with the spelling!
4.       Find a foreign friend in social network.  This might sound so creepy, but you have to try.  Try to build your confident to use English. Yet, you have to remember that don’t give your personal details to the stranger. Dear readers, please bear in mind. 
5.       If English book are so heavy for you to understand, you can have English newspaper.  Don’t worry, most of the journalism/reporter are using simple English and their language are very precise and easy to catch up.
6.       To be more fun, you can try to sing a rap song (hiphop).  Try to memorise the rappers lyric.
7.       Watch English movie.  Yet you have to remember, watch the quality movie and not the worse one.
8.       Try to find a friend to speak English with you or you may offer them to speak English with you.
9.       Don’t be shy
10.   Learn from mistake.  You will never know English if you never practice to speak in English.
That is all I guess.  Hopely everyone can speak well.  Don’t worry, in our country we have ‘Manglish’.  You can try.  Otherwise, I would like to suggest you to listen to ‘Ohmy English’.  For me, it is really helping me too ti improve my language.
People seldom to do mistake.  But don’t worry if you are repeating do the same mistake in learing process.  Please take note,  learning English is fun!
Have a great day everyone.

Big hug and kisses,

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