Friday, April 20, 2012

if you read this..


salam alyk...

the memories keep haunting me.
4 yearssss....

youlove to used words>chow chi ciowww

dear friend,
i dont know on wht purpose you following me..
i hope there is no bad itention on me.
deep in my heart, i still remember the words " she more important than you. suka hati you lah".
after you acuse me that i like you and so whateva.

i really happy to hear that you are ok.
you now can see well.. your eyes dah sembuh, i guess.
please kindly dont ask why i scared with you.
not because you are fierce..
but, i simply can't have conversation with you because i'm hurt.
hurt by your special girl long-long time ago.
it's like, her mistake.
you say my mistake.

because it too hurt, until i dont want to know about you.
i do ask apologize.
but you are not.
i really appprciate our friendship since i was 15.
then you ruin everything..
& i consider that was your mistake.

simply to mention that,i dont 'deserve' to be friend with you.
inteligent boy & whateva.
bcause u did mention that before.

i think enough for that.....
thank you for the doa.
i pray for your happinest dear friend.
may Allah bless you.


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